The 01 Gallery Association is engaged in activities related to the visual arts, organizing individual and group exhibitions in a virtual exhibition space accessible on the organization’s website, which ensures broad access to art. This is particularly important because many art centers are often located beyond the reach of residents in smaller towns and people with disabilities.

The mission of the 01 Gallery Association is to promote contemporary art in a modern and innovative way by organizing virtual art exhibitions in a 3D environment, utilizing technology used in video game creation, and creating an egalitarian cultural and cultural education environment.

The organization is committed to providing wide access to art and culture through virtual activities (all exhibitions and projects are available on the 01 Gallery website and can be viewed through a web browser) and through social engagement, focusing on working with individuals from the academic community as well as socially excluded groups.

In the early days of our activities, we organized simple exhibition spaces to which we invited artistic individuals for co-creation. Over time, the virtual gallery space developed, ultimately becoming a fully-fledged and regularly operating art gallery. The nature of the aforementioned activities was closely linked to artistic institutions and qualified artists. Therefore, as our actions continued, we decided to also focus on non-professional art. As a result, we initiated an artistic-research project aimed at revising the concept of Art Brut, encompassing all forms of art created by uneducated individuals, as well as those found in closed facilities. The project involves searching for non-professional art through art workshops in closed facilities and subsequently presenting it to a wider audience in the form of regularly accessible virtual exhibitions (more information can be found in the BRUTART section).

Our actions are aimed at individuals in closed facilities, their families, socially excluded groups, and creatively educated groups. We believe that activities in these two areas will contribute to greater equality and give a voice to the marginalized.

Additionally, the 01 Gallery Association is involved in art education, offering classes in drawing, painting, and interdisciplinary forms (more information can be found in the ART SPACE section).